Curriculum Version 2.0 for 2017-2018

Welcome to version 2.0 of this “living document” which shows the relationship between the various courses on — both courses that are currently available and those that are yet to be created. This diagram provides an all encompassing guide to the skills you will need to get your first software development job building Web apps. Or, perhaps your aim is to build your first .NET web application of consequence. These courses will help you get there as fast as possible.

You should anticipate this diagram to change over time. That is the nature of software development.

New and Noteworthy in v 2.0

This new version replaces the 2016-2017 and has several notable changes.

1. I’ve eliminated the old “blue track” because, frankly, I see fewer and fewer people requesting topics about ASP.NET Web Forms and a more “tools driven approach”. I.e., “dragging and dropping your way to a working app”. I talk about this strategy at length in the Application Architecture series.

2. You’ll notice that I’ve included more JavaScript / EcmaScript 6 content. This is the inevitable evolution of the industry towards a smart client in the browser, whether using Angular 2, ReactJS or Vue.js. Expect this area to grow dramatically over time.

3. I’m moving from longer, monolithic individual courses (25 to 125 video topics) to shorter courses (5 to 15 video topics). You’ll see that as I refactor this diagram in 2017 and beyond. I’ve decided to do this for a few reasons, not the least of which is that it will allow me to make updates to courses more easily without disrupting the entire flow and numbering scheme of a very long course.

4. There will be courses on DevU that do not fit into this curriculum. It’s not that they are not valid or outdated necessarily, but they don’t meet my personal criteria of “topics you must know to get your first job or build your first application”. View them as you will.